NYCC 2015: On the Floor With Diamond Select

By bill - October 11, 2015

Diamond-Select-NYCC-featDiamond Select’s NYCC display showed off their awesome Ghostbusters collection, X-Files MiniMates, Batman Animated busts and much more.

Whether you’re in to DC’s Animated Universe, Aliens, Predator, Gotham, or X-Files, Diamond Select had some great new collectibles on display at New York Comic-Con perfect to fuel your obsession. Their line of Bruce Timm-inspired DC animated statues and busts is growing, with upcoming releases including Harley Quinn in her night gown from Mad Love, Poison Ivy, Hawkgirl, and more.  The bust series had a few surprises, as well, including the animated Frank Miller Batman, Bane, and a very cool Phantasm, rising from a plume of sculpted smoke.

Even a devout non-fan of Gotham like me had to admit Jim Gordon and the heroes and villains of the Fox series looked great in Diamond Select’s typical 7″, fully poseable and highly detailed format, and they will be joined by some new Universal Monsters including new sculpts of the Wolf Man and the Mummy, as well as some very cool figures based on Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas.

We’ll have a full recap of the new MiniMates Diamond had on display shortly, but in the meantime, I had to make mention of The X Files MiniMates, which were amazing.  We’re seeing lots of familiar faces from the classic show, as well as a Mulder and Scully two-pack based on their 2016 appearances, and these will be impossible to not collect, at least for me.

The highlight of Diamond’s booth, though, had to be their incredible Ghostbusters action figure line, which is going deep.  Not only were the Busters themselves on display, but Louis, Janine, Dana and Slimer were also featured.  The sculpting on these figures was amazing, and I loved the small, subtle attention to detail in elements like the crooked glasses on Louis’ possessed face, and Slimer’s three swappable faces, including one of his face stuffed with hot dogs.

The Ghostbusters line will include display bases with each figure, and if you collect the full line, the bases connect to form the rooftop from the team’s epic final battle with Gozer.  The entire display was assembled at Diamond’s booth, and this thing was impressively massive, and fully movie accurate.  It’s an ambitious idea for a buildable accessory, and the end result promises to be great enough to warrant finding the space to dedicate to the huge, but completely awesome, display.

Check out our full gallery of photos from Diamond Select’s NYCC showcase, and check back soon for a MiniMates update from the show!

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