NYCC 2015: On the Floor With McFarlane Toys

By bill - October 11, 2015

McFarlane-Toys-NYCC-featMcFarlane Toys’ NYCC display delivered lots of great new products from their Walking Dead and Game of Thrones building toys, and a lot more.

For the past few years, The Walking Dead has dominated McFarlane Toys’ Comic Con displays, and while the hyper-popular zombies still took center stage, the new Game of Thrones building toys made a truly striking impression.  Taking a cue from the Walking Dead building sets, the upcoming Thrones toys feature realistically sculpted 2″ minifigures, and buildable brick environments from key moments in the HBO TV series, such as the Iron Throne room and the siege of the Wall by the Wildlings.

The core concept of the Game of Thrones series is pretty rad– instead of focusing on the main characters (who will surface in blind bags and multi-packs), the main focus of the series is on the armies throughout Westeros.  The first wave will include Bannermen packs to build the ranks of the Stark and Lannister armies, and other troop builders include Wildlings, Night’s Watchmen, and the Unsullied.  The NYCC displays were filled with dozens of each legion, and fully assembled they are quite impressive.

The big reveal of the show for Game of Thrones was an upcoming playset based on King’s Landing, which looked fantastic.  The first wave of Game of Thrones building figures is set to be released next month, with more products rolling to retail in early 2016.

On The Walking Dead front, the upcoming TV Series 8 was on display, which brings Morgan, Bob, Dale and more characters to the toy line, along with variants of Tyreese, Carol doing her best Apocalypse Now impression, and a Series 5 Rick who is the best looking version of the hero yet sculpted.

The Walking Dead building sets continue to impress, as well, with a new focus on the early seasons of the TV show.  I really dig that, since former showrunner Frank Darabont created a number of highly cinematic, striking scenes, which McFarlane has perfectly captured in plastic.  From the “Don’t Open, Dead Inside” hospital, to Rick’s horseback ride to Atlanta, these new sets are concise, cinematic, and very, very cool.

McFarlane also showed off the multiple waves and exclusives from the Halo 5 toy line, as well as some new Assassin’s Creed releases, and premium statues including Medieval Spawn, and Negan, who will join the Walking Dead comic book statue series alongside Rick and Michonne.

There was a lot to love at McFarlane’s NYCC booth, although for my money, it doesn’t get any better than those Game of Thrones building sets.  The idea of amassing the armies of Westeros, from King’s guards to Daenerys’ trio of dragons, is beyond appealing.  I’ve only got a month to start making room on the shelves in my office, so I’ll leave you to peruse the photos from McFarlane Toys’ booth while I get to work.

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