NYCC 2015: On the Floor With Mezco Toyz

By bill - October 11, 2015

Mezco-NYCC-featMezco Toyz showed off the latest from their One:12 Collective, Mortal Kombat, Thundercats lines and more at NYCC.  Get the latest updates from Mezco here.

There were a lot of new reveals for Mezco Toyz back at San Diego Comic Con, and while their New York Comic Con display was slightly less original, it did feature many products that had been refined over the past three months.  Most notably, the new additions to the One:12 Collective have clearly been improved since this past July.  Superman, The Flash, and Space Ghost (complete with Gleek) will all soon join Judge Dredd and Dark Knight Returns Batman, and they all looked great.  The One:12 collective remains one of the most promising 6″ scale toy lines on the market, and these new additions only added to my enthusiasm.  But the big winner, as far as I was concerned, was the first One:12 Universal Monster, Frankenstein.  This guy was great, employing the greyscale effect seen on Mezco’s NYCC exclusive Judge Dredd to perfect effect.  I can’t think of another Frankenstein figure as cool as this one, and can’t wait to add it to my collection.

Mezco’s booth also displayed the next wave of Mortal Kombat figures, in 6″, 4″, and 12″ formats, as well as a display of the multitude of Saul Goodman, Jessie Pinkman, and Walter White figures in their Breaking Bad collection.

With more figures such as the Tex Avery Bugs Bunny, Gigantor, Thundercats’ Tigra, and Chucky figures on the way, the next year should prove to be promising for Mezco Toyz… and their fan base.

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