NYCC 2015: Inside Hasbro’s Night Before Party

By bill - October 8, 2015

hasbro-pre-party-NYCC-RogueCheck out lots of photos from Hasbro’s NYCC kick-off party!

New York Comic Con is on!  And Hasbro kicked things off once again with their Twas The Night Before party, which showcased lots of awesome new toys for Star Wars The Force Awakens, Marvel Legends, Transformers, and more.

There were a number of exciting new reveals at Hasbro’s show.  Marvel’s 2016 product line is looking very strong, with some welcome updates to major characters, as well as some of the surprising left-field choices Marvel Legends has become known for.  The Captain America, Mockingbird, and Taskmaster figures Hasbro already announced for their Civil War Legends line will be joined by Sharon Carter, Scourge, Whirlwind, and Cottonmouth from the Serpent Society.  This wave will include a Build-A-Figure Red Axis… but here’s the cool news about that– Hasbro also had an amazing Jim Lee Rogue on display, and she will include an alternate Onslaught head that is designed to fit the Red Axis body.  Rogue also comes with the promise that we will be seeing more X-characters in 2016, which is sure to be great news to some of you out there.

The 3.75″ Legends line is getting a facelift, and the next wave of figures looks great.  The lineup includes Captain Marvel, Spider-Man Noir, Triton, Ulik, and Yondu, and the new packaging design really makes the figures pop.

Not to be outdone, Star Wars also showed off some great upcoming figures, such as the next wave of Force Awakens Black Series toys, which will include a First Order Snowtrooper, First Order Tie Fighter Pilot, General Hux, a Resistance Trooper, and X-Wing pilot (and Beastie Boys namesake) Ello Asty.  The big showstopper, though, was the debut of the Force Awakens Han Solo Black Series figure, which features an incredible likeness of Harrison Ford, and brings this iconic character into the current trilogy in toy form.

Amidst some great new toys in the Transformers and My Little Pony collections, Hasbro also featured a GI Joe Fan Poll, soon to go live on Hasbro Pulse.  This poll features four brand new characters, one of whom will be voted to be included in the Real American Hero mythos.  How, exactly?  That remains to be seen… but you can get more details on the Poll here.

Hasbro’s Night Before party is always a great time, a fun and casual way to kick off the madness that is NYCC.  There were a lot of impressive new reveals at this year’s show, and it proves once more why Hasbro have earned their place as one of the premiere toy companies of all time.

Here’s our photo gallery from Hasbro’s pre-NYCC showcase:

Here’s some new official product images from Hasbro, as well:



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