NYCC 2016: On The Floor With Dark Horse

By bill - October 9, 2016

nycc-dark-horse-featDark Horse had a fairly reserved showcase of new products at New York Comic Con, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t packed with some cool collectibles.

One of my go-to stops at every Comic Con is the Dark Horse booth.  While the comic and collectibles mainstays feature an impressive store filled with virtually their entire library of releases, they always include a showcase of upcoming products and debuts at the show, as well.

This year was no different, and the spread included the astonishing Frank Frazetta Death Dealer statue, which looked as if it had just emerged from his iconic painting, as well as busts, collectible figures, and more based on The Witcher: Wild Hunt.

Outlander was also represented with a nice line of collectibles, and four new ships are planned to be added to the Halo vehicle collection, all of which looked great.  I’ve always been big into the work of Evan Dorkin, so I was particularly stoked to see an awesome Eltingville Club tin lunch box– featuring new artwork of the four angriest nerds in history– as well as a badass Milk and Cheese pint glass set that I cannot wait to use to booze up and riot.

The excellent Game of Thrones product line will continue, as well.  On display were two figures, who made their debut back at San Diego Comic Con, and both the Son of the Harpy and Stannis Baratheon promise to be great additions to this set.  The same can be said for the second GOT snow globe, which features a mystical sculpture of the three-eyed raven beneath its glass dome,  We all know winter is coming, making this just about the perfect thematically appropriate Game of Thrones statue possible.

Dark Horse has done a fantastic job of landing great properties and producing some truly unique and awesome merchandise.  Check out the gallery of their NYCC showcase below, and let us know what your favorite reveals were!

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