NYCC 2016: On The Floor With Kotobukiya

By bill - October 7, 2016

nycc-kotobukiya-featKotobukiya debuted their first Star Wars Rogue One Art FX+ releases, and great new additions to their Marvel and DC lines at New York Comic Con. Check them out…

From Rogue One, to Spider-Man, to the rapidly growing Horror Bishoujo collection, Kotobukiya’s booth at New York Comic Con was packed with cool new products on display.  The Spider-Man Art FX+ series has proven to be one of Koto’s most popular sets yet, and it was well represented with Peter Parker, Miles Morales, and Spider-Gwen in the NYCC showcase.  They were joined by the stunning Thanos Art FX statue, an action-packed new Art FX Deadpool, and a few great new Bishoujo such as Lady Thor, Loki, and the debut of the prototype of Squirrel Girl, a fun character choice which sports an incredible amount of naturalistic detail.

Kotobukiya’s DC products were equally impressive, especially the Bruce Timm inspired Animated Batman Art FX+, and the Batman and Robin two-pack, the first in a line that Kotobukiya has planned to create Art FX+ statues based on iconic poses and images from DC Comics’ history.  Speaking of classic, the Art FX+ Harley Quinn will be the first DC release in the series to capture the character’s most iconic look as opposed to New 52, and she looked great.  The Super Powers Art FX+ collection was fully assembled, and made for a fun and eye catching presentation, and while no new releases were revealed, the Jim Lee-inspired Art FX collection will continue.  Thus far, we’ve seen Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and The Flash… so it’s not too hard to imagine who could be in line next.

In addition to new statues based on Rogue One and other corners of the Star Wars universe, Kotobukiya celebrated the upcoming “Star Wars Story” with a fantastic diorama of Art FX+ Stormtroopers, in a variety of poses, knee-deep in water as we’ll soon see on the big screen.  It was a great teaser for the new film, and the reveal of sculpts for K-2SO, a Deathtrooper two-pack, and Scariff Stormtrooper two-pack confirmed we will see a lot of support for Rogue One on the horizon.

That’s not all, though. Koto will still focus on The Force Awakens and the Original trilogy, as well.  On display at NYCC were the new Art FX Kylo Ren and Darth Vader statues, and while they weren’t shown, we received confirmation that an Art FX+ Rey and Finn two-pack is planned for 2017.  We’ll see a mix of products from the two new Star Wars films and the Original trilogy for most of next year, until Koto’s attention is turned to Episode VIII.

Marvel and DC may be the longest-running offshoots of Kotobukiya’s Bishoujo collection, but the Street Fighter and Tekken brands are also still going strong, as is the Horror collection.  NYCC saw the debut of Chucky Bishoujo’s Koto-US exclusive alternate portrait, complete with a sinister smile, and Edward Scissorhands and Tiffany, the Bride of Chucky, are also on the horizon.

Each new piece Kotobukiya revealed featured the intricate sculpting and unique concepts they have come to be known for.  I’m intrigued to see where they go with their new attention to more classic, less modern designs in their DC and Marvel collections, and mainstays like the Bishoujo Collection and Star Wars Art FX+ continue to impress.  Check out the gallery below for a complete look at Koto’s NYCC showcase:

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