NYCC 2016: On The Floor With Mezco Toyz

By bill - October 7, 2016

nycc-2016-mezcoMezco’s One:12 Collective continues to impress with new additions to the DC and Marvel Universes, Ghostbusters, and more.

The One:12 Collective had another great showcase at NYCC, as Mezco displayed final production versions of figures such as Captain America, Daredevil, Superman, and The Flash, as well as the debut of some new figures for each property.

Just a few days ago, Mezco revealed their Red Skull figure, but both the modern and classic versions of Captain America’s arch nemesis looked even better in person.  The head sculpts were perfect, packed with sinister personality, and the choice of materials was great, from the leather-like black jacket of the modern Skull, to the baggy spandex jumpsuit of the classic variant.

Also new on the Marvel side of the equation was the eagerly anticipated Spider-Man, and his simple spandex costume belied the intricacy of the One:12 figure, who features a latticework of webbing that rests on top of the classic red and blue Spidey suit, adding a great sense of depth and texture to the design.

DC was also very well represented, as we got a look at The Joker and Suicide Squad Harley Quinn, plus all new figures such as Deathstoke, Knightmare Batman from Batman v Superman, and the stunning, massive Darkseid.  Seriously, this might be the most menacing Darkseid toy ever, and each part, from the cracked granite texture of his skin, to his piercing red eyes, made this guy one of the best looking super hero toys I’ve seen in ages.

Mezco announce The Ghostbusters at San Diego Comic Con, but seeing the One:12 figures in person made that news a thousand percent more exciting.  Each figure features tons of detail, perfectly crafted jumpsuits, and very strong portraits.  Peter Venkman was recognizable, though not quite a photoreal match for Bill Murray, but the other three Busters– and Slimer!– look absolutely perfect.

I’m happy to see Mezco’s high end 6″ toy line continues to connect with collectors, and they’re making some very smart choices with each new addition to the Collective.  Check out all the latest One:12 reveals from NYCC, and more from Mezco below:

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