NYCC 2016: On The Floor With NECA

By bill - October 9, 2016

neca-nycc-featNew Predators! New Aliens! And lots more on display from NECA at New York Comic Con.

From upcoming Q-Scale releases, to the latest additions to the long-running Predators and Aliens collections, NECA’s showcase at New York Comic Con did not disappoint.  The 18″ Q-Scale figures keep getting better and better.  Catwoman and Mayoral Penguin from Batman Returns were a sight to behold, as was the first Marvel comic-style addition to the format, Deadpool.  Wade Wilson’s face was packed with personality, despite his mask, and he comes armed to the teeth and with a full range of alternate hands… the best of which sports some blinged out brass knuckles which spell out “D-PUL.”

I have to say the most amazing large scale figures, though, are the 1990 movie inspired Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  The detail on these figures, from the scales on the Turtles’ skin to the natural drape of their bandanas, is simply next level work.  NYCC showed off Raphael and Donatello, but NECA of course plans to round out the team with the other two brothers… along with more TMNT toys on the horizon.

Final product samples of the first wave of Ash vs Evil Dead was also on display, and these figures are just starting to hit retail.  Elsewhere in the horror/ comedy TV world, the two-up sculpts of Jesse Custer and Cassidy from AMC’s Preacher were also on display.  While that series got unwatchably bad in record time, I have to admit NECA’s figures featured sculpts so well done, I might end up picking them up regardless and pretending they’re based off Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s excellent comic book instead.

The in-case dioramas NECA custom builds for each show were once again a lot of fun to look at.  Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees both stood out on thematically, appropriate backdrops (a nightmarish bedroom for Freddy, and a dingy cabin doorway for Jason).  But the true standouts were the Aliens and Predator displays.  The Aliens figures highlighted the upcoming Series 10, the first Kenner-inspired wave, set to include the Gorilla Alien, Mantis Alien, and Queen Facehugger.  But the display held other intriguing nuances, such as various colored Facehuggers, and newly deco’ed, Kenner-esque colored eggs.

Speaking of Kenner, the main Predators display also helped shine a light on the upcoming Series 16 Kenner wave, which brings Spiked Tail, Stalker, and Ghost to the collection, as well as the deluxe Predator Clan Leader, easily one of the best looking and most intricate Predator figures NECA has produced.  But that’s not all!  NECA had a second Predator display including the upcoming Ultimate Jungle Hunter and Ultimate City Hunter, Scarface from the Concrete Jungle video game, and Series 17, which will revisit AvP, including Elder, Youngblood, and Serpent Hunter from the 2010 AvP video game… Plus an awesome throne of skulls which will be released as a deluxe accessory.

There was a lot to love in NECA’s NYCC showcase.  That’s not even touching on the Mirage Comics style Foot Clan box set, their show exclusive, which did the impossible and found a way for these long-cancelled figures to finally reach collector’s hands.  Look for our in depth look at the Foot Clan later this week, but in the meantime you can check out NECA’s complete NYCC display below:

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