NYCC 2017: On The Floor With Mezco Toyz

By bill - October 6, 2017

Mezco’s One:12 Collective continues to grow with more exciting new DC Comics figures making their debut at New York Comic Con.

The One:12 Collective has established itself as one of the premier action figures lines in history, and once again, Mezco filled their NYCC showcase with the latest and greatest new and upcoming releases they have planned.  It was excellent to see Homecoming Spider-Man and Ragnarok Thor and Hulk in person… while I love Mezco’s realistic approach to comic book costumes on the One:12 figures, venturing into film accurate figures is an interesting choice… and at least in terms of sculpting and design, they’ve absolutely nailed it.

One of the new figures on display was another movie figure, Justice League Aquaman. I’m not crazy about this guy’s big screen costume, but Mezco’s figure looked great, employing a great material for his scaly bodysuit which made me question where plastic ends and fabrics begins.  And the Jason Momoa portrait was uncannily on point, truly impressive considering the small scale Mezco is working with.

The highlight at the Mezco booth, though, was the MDX Joker. Not really a re-release so much as a beefing up of the long sold out original One:12 Joker, this figure leans toward the Clown Prince of Crime’s most iconic moments. He reuses several of the old figure’s heads, but also features some brand new additions like a beat up face and a head wearing a purple hat, straight out of The Killing Joke.  Joker’s accessories get a boost as well, with an all new bomb, straight razor, and crowbar being added to the reissued chattering teeth and crowbar.

No doubt, this new figure is absolutely stunning. But honestly, I’m mixed on this.  I love that Mezco is revisiting one of their most popular sold-out figures (it gives me new hope I can one day get my hands on their classic Red Skull… lol), and I think enhancing him with new features is a very smart choice… however the original Joker felt really light on accessories, while this new version ranks him near the very top of the list in terms of One:12 releases.  In short, I feel that this is the Joker we should have had from the beginning. He’s not quite unique enough to feel justifiable to someone who owns the original, yet all his cool new stuff is really tempting.  I’d love to see Mezco throw a bone to the folks who bought the original Joker and offer these new accessories (alternate heads, the trench coat) as an accessory pack, so we could have these pieces without having to buy the entire new figure.

Check out some photos of Mezco’s One:12 Collective display at NYCC below:

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