NYCC 2017: Hasbro’s Transformers Team Debuts The Terrorcons

By bill - October 6, 2017

Some awesome looking robot monsters made their Generations debut just in time for Halloween.

Hasbro may not be on the show floor at New York Comic Con, but that doesn’t mean they’re not sharing some brand new reveals! The Transformers team got in the Halloween spirit (with the help of some hastily assembled decorations and a bunch of candy corn) to celebrate the reveal that the Terrorcons were making a comeback in the Generations line.

Each of these villains transforms from robot mode to some manner of monster, be it an ogre, a two headed dragon, or a land shark (I mean, can you ever have too many land sharks?).  The Terrorcons will mix it up with the Dinobots starting in early 2018.  Here’s the roster:

  • Rippersnapper
  • Cutthroat
  • Sinnertwin
  • Blot
  • Hun-gurr

The Terrorcons are being ushered in by Grotusque, who transforms into a gargoyle, who is a shared exclusive between Hasbro Toy Shop and Toys R Us.  Grotusque sold out in minutes on HTS yesterday, but if you missed him don’t panic– TRU’s stock will be available by the end of the month.

In keeping with the evil theme, two sinister versions of Hot Rod were also on display.  Nemesis Hot Rod and Rodimus Unicronus are black repaints of the maverick Autobot hero, with all new accents such as a sculpted goatee on Rodimus. The color scheme looked great, even though we don’t know the full story behind this dark turn for the long time hero.  The Transformers team did tease that the Autobot has been possessed by the Matrix of Chaos, which was created by Unicron… intriguing, for sure.

And there were new Headmasters and Legends reveals as well including Skrapnel, Windcharger (who can fit a minicon in his driver’s seat in car mode), and more:

The Transformers crew always knows how to have a good time. So in addition to the reveals we were treated to some cool stuff like Trypticon chowing down on some candy corn, and an awesome impromptu whiteboard sketch of the beast by Hasbro’s John Warden.

Check out photos from Hasbro’s NYCC Transformers gallery below:



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