NYCC 2018: Hasbro Debuts New Marvel Legends!

By bill - October 6, 2018

Hasbro hit NYCC with lots of exciting new reveals for the Marvel Legends line, already proving 2019 will be another insane year for the brand.

Earlier today, the Marvel team at Hasbro hosted a press event around New York Comic Con, revealing more new Legends products slated for release in 2019 (a Hydra Supreme Leader/ Arnim Zola two-pack just went up for preorder at Entertainment Earth today). They followed up the press event by revealing two more Legends during a live stream event on the NYCC floor at the Marvel booth.  So what can we look forward to?

A classic Jubilee and a truly stunning Forge will join Blink, Weapon X, Gambit, and Skullbuster in the next wave of X-Men Legends, which will revolve around a Build-A-Figure Caliban. That only leaves one mystery slot in the full lineup of this wave… who will it be?

It’s not Mystique, as she’s being released as a Walgreens exclusive. Not unlike the Fantastic Four, the current plan for Walgreens exclusives is to revolve around a specific theme… with Magik hitting now and Mystique coming in early 2019, I think it’s safe to say the new theme has something to do with mutant ladies.

Night Thrasher is joining the next wave of Spider-Man Legends, joining Silver Sable as a classic-themed character in the wave made up largely of modern characters and designs, in addition to the amazing Kingpin Build-A-Figure, which we’ll now all need two of (more on that in a minute).

Weirdly, there were no figures explicitly connected to the Captain Marvel Legends series on display, though the Hasbro team was being very coy about when and by what means the other new reveals– Corvus Glaive and Ebony Maw from Infinity War and Beta Ray Bill, specifically– would see release. I think any of them have a decent chance of fitting in under the Captain Marvel or Avengers 4 banner, and either way we should see them all within the first half of 2019.

As if there weren’t enough reasons to need the upcoming Legendary Riders Professor X with Hoverchair, Hasbro has sweetened the pot for both him and Deadpool with his moped. Both box sets will include alternate heads meant for previously released figures. Deadpool packs a Bob: Agent of Hydra head which fits onto the recent Hydra Soldier body, while the good Professor includes an awesome Shadow King head that is intended for the BAF Kingpin body.  It’s such a cool concept, which only makes these upcoming vehicles more appealing.

Rounding out the showcase was a subtly awesome two-pack based on the iconic storyline “Kraven’s Last Hunt.” True to the story’s namesake, the box set will feature a newly retooled Kraven the Hunter, with a ferocious new portrait and classic design elements like his spiked belt, animal print spandex pants, and little slippers. Opposite the doomed hunter is a new Black Suit Spider-Man, who features an unmasked AND battle damaged Peter Parker head. The bruising and blood on Peter’s face was rendered as painfully realistic as possible, using the same real scan paint techniques seen on movie-based figures. Pretty cool!

Here’s some other random notes from the press event:

The team have been paying attention to what’s going on with Star Wars The Black Series, which just launched an “XL” sub-line, with larger and more complicated figures, not feasible for the main retail line, for a slightly higher price point. The new deluxe Archangel is Marvel’s first test of something similar, but they were open to the idea of this higher priced “deluxe” SKU continuing in the future, and possibly even including past Build-A-Figures.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe 10th Anniversary Collection is done, but that doesn’t mean Hasbro won’t continue mining the MCU’s past for new figures. There’s still some key characters from the past ten years of movies the team really wants to bring to the Legends line.

Professor X and Deadpool will release in the same assortment of Legendary Riders, just like Ghost Rider and Black Widow made up wave one.

With the reveal of Caliban, Wendigo obviously won’t be the BAF of the next X-Men wave. He’ll be released “somewhere else,” but the team really wanted to reveal him at Fan Expo, due to the character’s Canadian background.

Just for the record (and to feed my own ego) I brought up the New Warriors with the Hasbro guys about four hours before they revealed Night Thrasher. I now understand the weird look I got from them when I mentioned him by name. I’ll just say the other New Warriors name that came up in today’s conversation was Speedball. He came up A LOT.

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