NYCC Power Lords Ggrapptikk Grunts Are Awesome

By bill - October 15, 2013

power-lords-nycc-featThe Four Horsemen’s Power Lords continue with a fantastic duo of NYCC exclusive Ggrapptikk Grunts.

The new Power Lords series is already on its way to being a classic, and the latest additions– a pair of variants to the upcoming Ggripptogg figure called the Ggrapptikk Grunts– show off the level of detail and inventiveness the Horsemen are putting into this line.

Power lords NYCC 27Ggripptogg, of course, was one of the classic Power Lords characters, and he will share a sculpt with these two NYCC exclusive warriors.  This pair features identical sculpts in opposite colorations– one is pink with purple detailing, the other purple with pink.  Each figure wields a Mega-Mace accessory which fits wonderfully in one (or more) hands, and thanks to the Glyos style of the figures, all their parts are modular and interchangeable with one another… and with the upcoming Ggripptogg figure.

The sculpted detail on these guys is outstanding– these creature are truly bizarre, and Wayne Barlowe’s character design is the perfect wheelhouse for the Horsemen to draw from.  From the stone-like plating of the armor to the sinewy skin of the arms and legs, the Grunts look incredible, and these stylized colors show off all the facets of the amazing sculpts very well.

Power lords NYCC 07Both figures are fully articulated with the same pattern as the recent Power Soldiers– ball neck, swivel waist, ball shoulders, half-ball elbows and knees and swivel wrists.  Due to the design of the creatures’ legs, they lose the ball ankles, but the wide feet make them very stable in a variety of poses.  These Grunts stand a full inch taller than the humanoid Power Soldiers, which adds to their imposing look, and gives me lots of hope that future figures will also vary wildly in size, as is appropriate to their original designs.

These Power Lords figures are once again very well made, with outstanding sculpts and a solid, sturdy design that makes them incredibly fun to play with.  The Four Horsemen’s work for Mattel has left me wanting recently; while their sculpts are wonderful, production issues on Mattel’s side– from design all the way to paint apps– have caused many of the figures to feel substandard.  The Power Lords are pure Horsemen, and the attention and love they are pouring into this property are very well represented on these great toys.

The Ggrapptikk Grunts are available NOW on Store Horsemen for Power Lords Fan Club members, and any remaining figures will go on sale to the public this Wednesday.  Click Here to order yours today!

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