Ocean Master Has Set Sail in the DCIE Subscription

By jayq - November 11, 2013

Ocean Master Kastor's KornerWell it’s that time of the month where all the Mattel DCIE subscribers wait for the UPS man to deliver their DCUC figures. This month was one that no one thought we would ever see in six inch form– Aquaman’s half-brother Orm the Ocean Master.

Ocean Master has always been jealous of his half-brother and actually at one point gathered enough Atlantians to form a coup to take the throne.

From the looks of things Matty went and took the time to tool this figure right as you can tell from his mask and gauntlets they did their homework. The mask is so beautifully sculpted that it takes this figure to a new level. This figure from head to toe screams awesome. I love how the cape it epically done with the huge collar. The paint application on this figure is A+ as its one of the best paint apps I have seen on a DCIE figure. The articulation is normal for a DCIE figure (even with the added details to the mask).

One plus with this month’s figure was on the back of the white packing box was a free digital copy of Aquaman #14. If this is something they plan on doing for the remaining figs that’s a cool gesture to help lessen the blow of the shipping for Digital River. Ocean Master is a must have for your DC Villain shelf.

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