Official Press Photos of Hasbro’s Newest Marvel Legends Toys

By bill - July 25, 2017

Get a good look at all the new Marvel Legends that made their debut at Comic Con.

By the end of Comic Con, Hasbro’s Marvel booth was jam packed with new products, including a wave of Deadpool Legends, Black Panther movie toys, figure and vehicle packs, and a staggering number of new exclusives.

And for us poor schmucks who couldn’t attend SDCC, Hasbro shared official product images of many of their new reveals.  You can see those below, along with my thoughts on Hasbro’s Marvel offerings.

Deadpool Legends look pretty damn great, especially the Liefeld era Cable who promises to fit perfectly with the Shatterstar released earlier in 2017.  Deathlok was a really nice surprise, an upgrade to one of the Toy Biz figures who pretty much held up to modern toy standards.  And I can never say no to a good Domino figure.  I can’t wait to find out what Build a Figure is anchoring this series.

I was much more underwhelmed by what we saw of Black Panther Legends. Yes, it’s only two figures thus far, and yes, we know movie figures will also be in the mix… but I kind of hate Hasbro’s “kings” theme.  Black panther seemed like a golden opportunity for Hasbro to stand out in the toy aisle, by releasing a complete wave of toys based on People of Color. We’ve rarely seen that in mass retail products, and Black Panther could have been the toy line to really move the needle in that regard, just like Hasbro has helped do with the more egalitarian mix of female characters in their action figure line.

The new Spider-Man Legends are neat enough. I’m stoked about Lasher, and excited at the prospect of more symbiotes coming to the Legends line sooner than later.  And the iconic riders are a cool new concept, among the first 6″ scale vehicles in the long history of Legends. I’m not feeling Black Widow’s new headsculpt, but the newly sculpted body and her bike are pretty awesome.  Ghost Rider’s cycle is SICK, and I love his newly sculpted flaming chain.

Taking a page from the Star Wars team’s playbook, the Marvel guys are also expanding their retro style Toy Biz/ Marvel Super Heroes figures, with modern Legends repaints packed on those familiar 1990 era silver and blue backer cards.  The revamped tribute packaging actually came out much better than the 40th Anniversary Star Wars toys, in my opinion, and it’s a nice way to reissue classic takes on many of Legends’ core heroes without taking up much needed space in Build a Figure waves.

And of course, exclusives are becoming a bigger and bigger part of the Legends story, so we got everything from a Hydra two-pack coming to Toys R Us, Mr. Fantastic and Medusa continuing the Fantastic Four theme at Walgreens, and a totally awesome comic themed Defenders box set slated to hit Amazon in the coming weeks.  Yes, these exclusives are virtually entirely repaints, but that’s always been a cornerstone of the Legends aesthetic, and some of these decos are quite clever.

You can check out all the images straight from Hasbro below… and follow us in the coming days for in-booth images, as well as our exclusive interview with the Hasbro Marvel brand team!

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