Oldboy Remake Promos Keep Things Weird

By bill - September 20, 2013

hoteloldboy-featWelcome to Hotel Oldboy!

I am very much pushing for Spike Lee to nail his remake of Oldboy.  I’ve never been of the camp that believes remakes are by default terrible, and to be perfectly honest, everything we’ve seen so far seems promising… Two things are very, very evident– ONE– Lee’s spin on the Chan-wook Park classic is NOT going to tone things down the way we feared the aborted Will Smith/ Steven Spielberg probably would have… and TWO– the promos for the movie are sticking with their delightful weirdness.

The latest hype for the movie comes in some stylized images and a new teaser, all revolving around the “amenities” of Hotel Oldboy, the prison which Josh Brolin finds himself locked in for 20 years when our story begins.  It’s wonderfully bizarre, and I’m intrigued that some of the nuances of the original, like the dumplings, are being carried over to this American remake.

What do you think? Am I alone in my confidence for this one?

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