OMFG Series Three Delivers Some Wild Minifigures

By bill - November 21, 2013

OMFG3 featThe third series of OMFG figures features five great new minifigures from October Toys.

October Toys’ OMFG (or Outlandish Mini Figure Guys) ran a Kickstarter earlier this year for their third series, and the new set is now here, in full effect!  The new set of MUSCLE Men-style minifigures shows off more creative character and creature concepts from George Gaspar and other designers from the toy industry, and they make for a great set of fun toys.

OMFG3 10The new lineup includes Pugnacious, a dog-headed warrior; Dr. Decay, a skeleton covered in rotting detritus; Fruit Punch, a manic-faced juice box with boxing gloves; TenCan, an anthropomorphic garbage can filled with bizarre limbs; and Barbarinaut, a half barbarian/ half astronaut.

Each figure is incredibly well-sculpted, many by Gaspar himself– based on designs by Bill MacKay, Charles Marsh, Jonathan Wojcik, Scott Tolleson, Richard Brown, Nikolos Sardos and Bryan Fulk– and they fit well into the overall minifigure wheelhouse.  The figures’ familiar flesh toned plastic makes them feel like a throwback to the classic MUSCLE men, while their strong sense of design bridge the gap to art toys perfectly.

OMFG3 06More than anything, these OMFG figures are just fun and cool to look at.  Despite their wildly different appearances, the common scale and plastic used make them feel cohesive as a group, and the imagination on display here is quite impressive.

October Toys ran a Kickstarter exclusive along with this set, a Z.O.M.B.I.E. style Pheyden.  Based on the Onell Design Glyos character, this minifigure is not technically an OMFG release, but he fits in very well regardless.  I love the idea of this guy, crossing the bridge between Onell’s Glyos stable and the minifigure aesthetic, and the sculpting is top notch.

If you’re looking for some fun new art toys that won’t break the bank, October Toys’ releases are definitely worth checking out.  The creativity on display in these designs is truly impressive, as is the fantastic sculpted detail packed into each one of these very strong, original characters.  Since they hit their OMFG Series 3 goal, this new set will be available at retail shortly, as well as October Toys’ website.  Whether you’re trying to get into the designer toy scene, or just want a great throwback in the spirit of the MUSCLE men of yesteryear, the latest OMFG collection is totally worth checking out.

Head over to October Toys’ website for more details, and to order these and other OMFG figures and sets.

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