One: 12 Collective X-Men Deadpool (Summer Exclusive)

By hopkins - November 2, 2017

ISO a excellent dry cleaner… this suit doesn’t hide Chimichanga stains very well!

The Merc with a Mouth made his One:12 Collective debut as a summer exclusive in his X-Men blue and yellow costume. Mezco has been delivering hit after hit with their One: 12 line, as quickly as the presales come, they are often sold out in a matter of days. Collectors have not seen the likes of this kind of phenomenon since the Toy Biz days of Marvel Legends.

Words are not enough to describe how great these figures are. Deadpool’s X-Men variant is one of a total of four One: 12 Deadpools, and he’s among a growing list of Marvel characters in this style. With great characters like him coming along, how could they make anything better? Just wait Marvelites– Mezco has proven they always have an ace up their sleeve… or a Hulk or a Thor and so on. For those who didn’t know, Deadpool’s X-Men stint can be found in Deadpool #16-18 written by Daniel Way. Without further ado, let’s blow up Wade Wilson’s ego and get into some of the details about everyone’s favorite anti-hero.

Deadpool’s accessories include four blue and yellow grenades, rifle with grenade launcher, four more grenades that fit in the launcher tube, multiple hands, a second head, and his signature sword. Preferably he’d include two swords, but one will do. The figure also includes a stand for multiple poses ( “I’m ready for my close up Mr. DeMille!”), a cloth suit, and bandolier with both the X-insignia and Deadpool’s own logo. It’s all the amenities a grown collector could ever want. Articulation is always a strong desire among collectors, and Wade meets all expectations. Id’ like to see is articulated fingers on these figures, and can only hope someday this might happen. Why shouldn’t Mr Wilson be able to give a one finger salute before he take his enemies out?

The bottom line? It’s Deadpool, the best antihero out there. This is a must have figure, regardless of whether you’re a fan of his X-Men costume or not. Mezco is the top dog in the collectors world right now, and they prove it with every One: 12 figure they release. X-Men Deadpool is a sold out Summer Exclusive only, but you can still get on the wait list for him. The double sword is only thing missing, Maybe we could convince Mezco to make buying accessories possible? I know I would fork over some money for the extra sword. Kudos to Mezco for listening to the fans and creating a great product that every collector should have. Remember, if this one is not available, classic Deadpool and the Previews Exclusive X-Force Deadpool are still out there.

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