Otachi Smashes Into NECA’s Pacific Rim Collection

By bill - April 24, 2015

NECA-otachi-featNECA unleashes the biggest, baddest Kaiju yet in their Pacific Rim series.

There were quite a few iconic Kaiju on display in Guillermo Del Toro’s Pacific Rim, but ever since the movie hit, one that we’ve wanted in toy form more than most in Otachi, the bat-winged creature that invades Hong Kong and has a strange craving for Charlie Days.  But despite Otachi’s popularity, her chances as a toy were questionable– unlike some other Kaiju, Otachi features a very unique body structure and would require an all-new sculpt, with no reused parts.

Thankfully, NECA’s great toy line has really hit its stride since the movie hit theaters, and the toymakers seized the opportunity to capture the creature in plastic, as the first one-off Deluxe Kaiju figure.  This means that Otachi is completely in scale with the other Pacific Rim figures, and entirely movie accurate.  And in both respects, she makes a great addition to the overall series.

Otachi’s all new sculpt is fantastic, pulled directly from the 3D models used in the filmmaking process.  And all the great details we’ve seen in the previous Kaiju is present here, from Otachi’s scaly skin and sharp teeth to beady eyes and armor-like spine plates.  There’s quite a few textures going on with this figure, and the overall effect looks great, as realistic as a giant acid-spitting bat-dragon-monster could be.

I’m particularly impressed by Otachi’s front limbs, which are gorgeously sculpted here, with her leathery wings folded up within her limbs.  There is a second Otachi figure planned which would feature her wings outstretched instead, and looking at the size of her arms here… when that figure comes out she’ll sport an impressive wingspan, for sure.

While Otachi looks gorgeous, I feel her articulation is more hit-or-miss.  There’s great stuff happening here– The head articulation is amazing, with a great ball at the top of the neck, and a swivel at the base of the neck, beneath the creature’s throat sack.  And the mandible-like cleft mouth is amazing, looking equally bizarre and creepy closed or fully exposed.  The mouth also sports a swap-out inner mouth piece, which can replicate the blue acid spit Otachi used to combat the Jaegers in the movie.

However, moving past the head is where things get a little wonky.  The arms are great, although the wing-like structure of Otachi’s front appendages sort of limits them here.  The back legs are okay, but the hips are quite stiff and don’t offer a huge range of motion.  Likewise the mid-torso articulation, which seems like it would be a ball joint with good range, actually seems to just be a swivel (unless mine is very locked up).  The articulation on the body isn’t bad… but there also isn’t much you can do to change the monster’s general pose.

One thing that can change is the tail, which is incredible.  Otachi’s tail is one of her prime weapons, and the toy form takes advantage of this, using the same segmented approach that worked so brilliantly on NECA’s Godzilla toys. I love the range and the sheer number of joints NECA packs in here… it’s a blast to stretch and bend the tail, to see just how far out you can pose it.

The base of Otachi’s tail is a gnarly, insect-like three-clawed pincer, and this is well represented on the toy, complete with its own mini action feature.  Each claw is hinged, but connected via a ratchet joint, so moving one claw open or closed will move all three.  Inside between the pincers at the base of the tail, Otachi’s leathery dark grey skin gives way to the glowing neon blue within, and the jarring light-to-dark contrast is very eye catching.

Otachi sports more great paint all over her body, from the piercing yellow eyes to the blue blood bleeding through the scars on her chest.  Most Kaiju only feature one color for their trim, but Otachi mixes it up with her blue scars as well as darker blue circle markings that line her back and sides.  This breaks up the muted dark skin tone very effectively and helps Otachi fit in among her fellow Kaiju.

In addition to the full sized Otachi, this box set also includes the Baby Kaiju discovered inside the beast.  This mini figure is in scale with the rest of NECA’s toy line, and looks great alongside it’s mom.  Baby Otachi is remarkably well detailed considering its diminutive size (it’s less than 3″ long), and features an articulated head and arms, as well as the umbilical cord that strangles the creature in the movie.  This pack-in is a nice touch, and adds to the overall value of the figure.

Speaking of value, that is where Otachi departs dramatically from the other Kaiju.  NECA did what they could to deliver the Kaiju that could share parts, but moving forward each monster they make will require a 100% newly tooled sculpt.  This is much more expensive to produce, so the figures’ price tags will have to reflect this.  Otachi clocked in at about $65, which is high, but certainly not unreasonable, especially for such a massive and highly detailed figure.

I guess this will be the next proving point for the Pacific Rim line, which has thus far out-performed all expectations time and again.  I couldn’t be happier; I love this universe and these awesome creatures, and would happily continue to pay a premium if it could get us screen accurate toy renditions of the remainder of the Kaiju from the film.  But $65 is a big jump from $25, and we’re nearing the two year mark since the movie was in theaters… so I think the future of the Kaiju may very much be determined by how well Otachi sells.

The good thing about this is, Otachi is an awesome toy, and I cannot imagine anyone being disappointed by this figure.  If you’re into NECA’s Pacific Rim toy line but are wary of the steeper price tag on this figure, I can honestly say she’s well worth the expense.  Whether it’s to join the rally to prove to NECA that we’ll pay a premium for other in-demand Kaiju, or just to enjoy Otachi on her own merits, give her a shot.  Otachi is available at specialty shops now, as well as Amok Time, who has her for the best price I’ve seen at $60 with free shipping.  Did I convince you to go for it?  Click Here to place you order!

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