Pacific Rim 2 Starts Filming In November

By bill - July 21, 2015

pac-rim-featThe Jaeger vs Kaiju sequel is getting underway later this year… and it might be called “Maelstrom.”

It seems like Pacific Rim 2 has been some perpetual, far-off thing, a movie we’d be more likely to see than many of Guillermo Del Toro’s other in-development projects, but as to when specifically?  That wasn’t quite so clear.  Now it’s looking like the sequel will be Del Toro’s next focus after he releases this year’s Crimson Peak, as the director will start shooting Pacific Rim this November, according to Canadian site Global News.

The other neat thing about this?  The title Maelstrom has been attached, although nobody knows if this is just a production code name, or a legit subtitle for the movie.  The first film was shot under the code name “Still Seas,” so Maelstrom would continue that progression in a meta sort of way, but Pacific Rim: Maelstrom has a nice ring to it.

That’s all we know, aside from Del Toro’s previous comments that this movie would focus more on the Kaiju.  That’s totally fine by me; I still love the first movie, but it was pretty un-sympathetic in its depiction of the city-destroying monsters.  Sure, that sentence only makes sense when considering we’re talking about a Del Toro movie, but in that context, not having an emotional stake in the creatures was something I missed in the first film, which I’d love to see change this time.

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