The New Pacific Rim Trailer Will Rock Your World

By bill - May 18, 2013

pac rim featIn case you were wondering just how BIG this movie was going to be…

The latest Pacific Rim trailer dials everything up to eleven– it’s loaded with new shots of Gypsy Danger and the other Jaegers looking all kinds of cool as they march into the sea to face their monstrous opponents.  And we also get some much better looks at those foes– the Kaiju are here, in full effect!

I am loving this trailer right now– it does a great job of establishing what is going on, and it builds and builds with a second half that’s, really, nothing but amazing payoff shots of robots and monsters going at it.  It also sets the tone for how utterly massive the action in this movie will be– these creatures are all the size of skyscrapers, and watching as Gypsy swings that freighter boat at the Kaiju’s face like a bat… it totally re-awakens that Toho geek inside me!

July 12th is getting ever closer…

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