New ‘Pain And Gain’ Red Band Trailer Is Very Funny

By bill - March 27, 2013

pain-and-gain-featThe “Lunk Alert” is going off like crazy, but it’s hard to hear over the laughs in the new trailer for Pain & Gain.

Pain & Gain is based on a true story (one that didn’t have the happiest of endings), but that didn’t stop The Rock, Mark Wahlberg and director Michael Bay from crafting what appears to be a very funny, dark crime story in the new movie.

The latest trailer is packed with lots of great moments that hopefully capture the bizarre vibe of the whole movie, with a nice mix of weird, Coen Brothers-style comedy and the testosterone-fueled mayhem we’d expect from Michael Bay.  Seeing The Rock holding his own bloody, severed toe should be worth the price of admission alone.

Click here to see the trailer! (Caution: it’s red band, so NSFW)

Pain and Gain hit theaters on April 26th.

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