The Pain That Comes When A Line Ends

By kastor417 - November 9, 2017

Dear DC Collectibles Icons when I first saw you I was totally yours, and although we have had some issues it has been a good run. Now that it is time to say good bye I have to  honestly say, it’s you not me. 

I love my Marvel Legends but DC Comics will always be home for me. I learned to read with an old Batman and Robin book in the 80’s and since then they have always been the characters I have felt the most connected to. The DC Classics line was great, but weird white mold that grew on the figures, lies from the self appointed geek leader, and an inconsistent look to some of the faces in the line left me wanting something a little more definitive. When I saw the DC Icons, smaller figures with a better connection to the comic art and some great accessories, I was ready to get rid of DCUC and go for it. It was a line that I could go all in on or just pick and choose the one I wanted, and they were reasonably priced. The first wave was ok, at least I got a Batman, wave two was more promising, but there were some production issues, wave 3 came with delays and that unsightly hip gap for Superman, and then came the price hike. That was the first stumbling block for me and has been down hill since. There was now less in the box and I was paying more, a problem collectors have become used to. Rumors started to swirl and we got word that the line was canceled. There were those that held out hope there was chance to see more from the line, but they were just dreams.

So the line is over now, but that does not mean we should pass on the figures. In the final two waves there are two standouts, Nightwing and Deathstroke. Over the years we have seen countless versions of the two, but these might come close to perfection.

It took DC Collectibles a few years but they finally got it almost right with these two figures. The biggest complaint about the line as a whole was not waist cut, which made turning the figure for posing very difficult, but where this line really excelled was the sculpting. As I get older the better the figure looks the more likely it is I will buy it no matter the cost. Most retail lines reuse a lot of parts to cut down on cost, but the Icons had a lot of original tooling, great for the design horrible for the pricing. The increased tooling for parts and articulation all lead to a price increase which many collectors were unwilling to pay for artist specific designs and C-list chracters.

Ok so at this point you are asking why buy these, right? Well they look so damn good. Deathstroke matches his mid 80’s look, his most iconic, with his scaled armor and bright orange highlights. He comes with a wide array of weapons and alternate unmasked head. The tall and slender Deathstroke makes me long for the 80’s Titans figures, a box set i would have jumped at in a second. The sculpting work on both heads look stunning, nothing too artist specific and just plain enough to fit in anywhere in time. Nightwing is yet another step in the right direction, matching the acrobatic look of the character and not falling to the pressure to make him red. The classic blue really stands out agains the matte black spandex, making it look like a real costume, not just painted on effects. He comes with few extra hands, and his signature escrima sticks. I own a lot of Nightwing figures, and if this had a waist joint it would be the best one ever made.

The bottom line is this was a small line but might have created some of the best representations of some of the characters. Flaws aside they are worth grabbing wether you pose and play with them or just put them up for display they are a thing of beauty.

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