A Pair Of Anchorman 2 Trailers, Coming At Ya

By bill - October 25, 2013

anchorman-featTwo times the Burgundy!  Two times the manliness!!

It seems like yesterday, Anchorman 2 was little more than a pipe dream, one of those movie projects we all wished for but never really though would come to be.  But now, here we are, with less than two months until the sequel hits theaters and two brand new trailers that really help that concept sink in.

And– as expected– they’re funny as hell!  Comedy sequels are always a risky business, as they are prone to lazy, recycled plots and too many riffs on the original movie, but with director Adam McKay, Will Ferrell and a cast this outstanding, I kind of figured Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues would buck the trend and go for the truly, fiercely funny.

Based on these latest trailers, I might be right.  Not only do these fire at a joke a minute, but very little of what’s on display feels like a retread of the first classic.  I like the team vibe of this one, with Ron Burgundy’s team getting as much screen time (more?) than he does.  And I adore the idea that modern softball, fluff journalism was the brainchild of these miscreants.

Check out both trailers below… the first is the new domestic trailer, and the second is the international version, which spotlights some different gags and a slightly different feel overall.  And get excited– Anchorman 2 is happening, and it’s happening pretty damn soon!

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