Peppy Joins The Star Fox Team From Jakks Pacific

By bill - November 7, 2016

jakks-nintendo-peppy-hareThe core crew of the Star Fox team is finally complete, thanks to Jakks Pacific’s World Of Nintendo collection.

Jakks has been crushing it with their World of Nintendo toy line, which is delivering excellent action figure iterations of many classic Nintendo characters, from Mario to Link, to Samus Aran from Metroid.  But the coolest sub-set, as far as I’m concerned, is Star Fox.  We saw Fox McCloud released just over a year ago, and at the time he seemed like a neat one-off figure, not unlike Samus before him.  But Jakks has expanded this sub-set beyond the main hero, with the inclusion of Falco and Slippy earlier this year, and now, we get the final member of the core team, Peppy Hare.

Peppy’s figure is another entirely new sculpt, and he’s note perfect compared to his game appearance (World of Nintendo uses Star Fox 64 as the basis for their Star Fox figures).  He’s appropriately short compared to Fox and Falco, but not as hefty as Slippy.  I love the small details of this figure, like his enlarged rabbit feet, perpetually concerned facial expression, and even the silver buttons on his long coat.

While Peppy’s look is somewhat stylized, with the previously mentioned longer coat and red jumpsuit, his detailing and colors still allow him to fit uniformly amidst his friends. Peppy features the same articulation as the other Star Fox figures, with a swivel head, swivel waist, ball shoulders and hips, half-ball elbows and knees, and hinged ankles. He might not be super articulated, but it’s easy to get a few solid poses out of Peppy, and the leg articulation goes a long way to help him maintain a good sense of balance.

Like Slippy (who came packed with a bomb icon) Peppy skips the mini Arwing accessory in favor of another power-up, the Container.  It’s a cool piece, and another fun addition to the few Star Fox accessories we’ve seen to date.

According to Jakks, Peppy will round out the Star Fox sub-line, but I’m hoping they change their tune because there’s a lot of fun places this series could still continue. There’s Krystal, plus Andross and some other bad guys we haven’t seen yet… and with word out that Jakks is considering vehicles for their 4″ Nintendo line, there is hope we might one day see Arwings for our team to pilot (hey, I can dream, right?).

In the meantime, look for Peppy to round out the Star Fox team in the latest assortment of World of Nintendo figures, which also includes a green Koopa Troopa and Star Power Mario, among others.

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