First Photos From Jurassic World

By bill - April 23, 2014

jurassic-world-featImages from the new Jurassic Park sequel have been unleashed online.

As far as I’m concerned, Jurassic World is holding strong near the top of the list of Summer 2015 movies I’m kind of super excited for.  There’s some interesting talent behind and in front of the camera, cool details already leaking out, like the return of Dr. Henry Wu, and, well, the promise of more dinosaurs on the big screen.

Now the first photos from the location shoot in Hawaii have been revealed via EW, and while they don’t show much, it’s a nice reminder that in just about 12 months we can all witness Andy Dwyer and Kitty Sanchez battling prehistoric beasts on a remote island.  If that’s not a comforting thought, I don’t know what is.

My favorite shot– a Jurassic World construction truck smashed in, presumably by a rampaging dino– is below, and there’s a few more shots you can see HERE.


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