Pixar’s Inside Out Trailer Isn’t Doing This Movie Any Favors

By bill - December 10, 2014

inside-out-featLet’s enjoy some tropes in movie trailers.

I still want to worship Pixar.  I’m not a monster.

And Inside Out still sounds like a truly fascinating concept– starring the five emotions that govern and control a preteen girl who is our main character.  That setup is cool and original (well, aside from some echoes of Disney’s theme park animated feature, Cranium Command)… so why does this Inside Out trailer continue falling back on the tiredest, lamest stereotypes possible?

Oh man, can you believe the dad is daydreaming about SPORTS???  And that mom is fantasizing about some (borderline racist) Latino lover from her past?  It’s almost meta how over the top predictable these gags are… I mean, were you even aware how different men and women are???

El. Oh. El.

So I dunno.  I feel Pixar has done enough wonders in the past to still earned my attention, at least in terms of their original, non-sequel releases… but this is pushing it.  I hope this is just a dog of a trailer for a much better, less gender conservative and less predictable movie.  We can all find out together, next June.

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