Another Place to get Minimates

By kastor417 - September 25, 2015

WG MinimatesStarting this month collectors can add Walgreens to their Minimate toy hunts.Adding a new stop to the toy hunt is fun considering how many toy stores have closed over the years. While not your everyday Minimates, these Walgreens figures are based on animated designs. They are slightly cartoony, but still fit in with the average Minimates. While the new line is only on wave one, wave two offers those of us late to the game a chance at a good Crossbones.

The first wave of animated figures at Walgreens are Hulk/Cap, Star Lord/Groot, Ultimate Spider-man/Electro, and Spider-man 2099/Agent Venom.

Having all the other characters I only picked up 2099 Agent Venom pack. The figures while have a lighter color pallet, they still look like their comic look. They are light on accessories, but offer one that is a little different from the average accessory. Each comes with a stand and Spider-man has a web, but this time it’s blue. The only think that is missing from the set is some guns or attachments for Agent Venom or an alternate head.

So will collectors accept these new animated looks into their Minimates collection? I think they will over all they are still Minimates. And after seeing how well Walgreens have handled Star Wars, Marvel Legends, and Funko exclusives over the last few years I’m sure it will only be a meter of time when they get more Minimates on the Walgreen shelves.

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