Planet Hulk Is Ready For Battle

By kastor417 - November 7, 2017

The Disney Store has had some impressive Marvel Select exclusives over the years, but the new comic based Planet Hulk puts the rest to shame. 

When you buy a Hulk figure he has to be big, and though Diamond Select Toys has done Hulks in the past this one just seems so much bigger. Around 2006 Marvel made the decision that the Hulk was too dangerous to stay on Earth, and the big guns of the Marvel Universe sent the big green guy into space. Hulk crashed on the planet Sakaar where he became the champion of the gladiator ring. Although the Hulk has had some great story lines over the years, this one stood out as one of, if not the best story line ever for the Hulk. Most of the time the storylines revolve around Bruce Banner, with the Hulk smashing things or running away, but this time the Hulk is in control, with Banner hiding inside. It was just the rebirth the character needed, and has led to his popularity in the Marvel Cinematic universe.

The figure captures the essence of the character, armored and read for battle. Included with the figure is a giant axe and shield, which are bigger than your average retail action figure. Besides the size of the figure what makes him worth picking up? The sculpting details on this figure go above and beyond what we normally see on a figure. This could work as a display piece in your collection or a fun toy to pose and play with, and that is what sets it apart from your average figure. The only stumbling block for Planet Hulk is his grip, he has a hard time holding his accessories. Is it a deal breaker? Not at all, there are ways to balance the shield and axe, so you can get a variety of poses for the warrior.

The average Marvel Select figures will run you about $24.99, but this one is a little more at $29.99 and for the size it is worth it. He is only available at Disney Stores or their online stores, so pick him up before he is gone!


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