Playmates Teases TMNT Comic Con Exclusive

By bill - June 23, 2015

TMNT-SDCC-featMake your best guess as to what Ninja Turtle toy they’re bringing to San Diego.

Earlier today on Facebook, Playmates Toys shared a photo of the box for their TMNT Comic Con exclusive.  What is it?  Who knows!  After the last few exclusives they’ve released at the show (Night Shadow Leonardo, chrome Shredder and black and white Mirage Raphael), I can’t imagine this year’s exclusive will be anything super essential.

On the other hand, previous figures all featured flashy packaging compared to this plain-jane white box.  Is it a clue that this box art is reminiscent of the Masters of the Universe Classic shippers from Mattel’s line?  Wishful thinking tells me yes, and that this box may contain the seemingly-abandoned TMNT Classics Shredder or Krang.

More realistically, I’d bet on a repaint of one of the upcoming Fall figures.  Someone guessed a vintage deco Mondo Gecko, which would be kind of neat.  What do you think?  Check out the pic below, and make your best guess in the comments!



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