Playmobil Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Rolls Out

By bill - June 8, 2017

A great new toy based on the Ghostbusters’ iconic vehicle is a highlight of Playmobil’s first, ever licensed toy property.

Happy National Ghostbusters Day! On this day in 1984, the world was introduced to Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz, Egon Spengler, Winston Zeddmore, and the awesome cast of supporting characters and creatures that made this movie a modern classic. To celebrate this momentous occasion, we’re taking a look at the Ecto-1 released as part of Playmobil’s brand new Ghostbusters collection.

Throughout their entire storied history, Playmobil has released lots of great toys, playsets, and vehicles ranging from the knights of the middle ages, to heroes and villains of the Wild West, to modern day police, firefighters, construction workers, and more… but until now, we’ve never seen them take on a licensed property in the classic Playmobil style.  Ghostbusters changes that, as the toymakers are offering an exciting collection of figures and vehicles based on the original movie (and a few nods to the sequel), one of which is their Ecto-1 set.

Of course, this pack contains the modified Cadillac hearse we all know and love, and Playmobil’s toy version is loaded with delightful details.  All the gadgets and tech worked into the roof of the car can be easily assembled and snapped into place, making for a remarkably accurate rendition of the on screen vehicle. From the sirens, to the ladder, to the more ambiguous tech strapped to the roof of the Ecto-1, every bit of the movie’s design is captured here.  The Ecto-1 features functional wheels with rubber tires, and two points of entry– the roof is removable, and the back door sports a working hinge, allowing you to load the vehicle up with your favorite Busters, as well as their Proton Packs, which fit into four conveniently sculpted cubbies in the back of the car.

The Ecto-1 also features electronic lights and sounds, operated via two buttons on the top. Push the lights button, and the blue lights flash, while the sounds button will set off the wailing siren sound instantly recognizable to any fan of the films.

What would the Ecto-1 be without some Ghostbusters to drive and or ride in it? Thankfully, Playmobil thought of this, too, as the set also includes both Winston Zeddmore and Janine Melnitz in their team uniforms, rendered in the classic Playmobil people style.  Both figures look great– I was particularly surprised they feature sculpted boots, as opposed to just painted accents, which I feel would have been how Playmobil handled them back when I was a kid.

Each figure includes a fantastic Proton Pack, easily assembled from four pieces they are packed with, that can be worn on the figure in several different ways.  The Packs snap firmly to the figure’s backs, and they can either store their gun on the pack behind them, or hold it in their hand.  If you opt for the latter, each also includes a Proton Stream accessory which snaps onto the end of the gun, which makes for a perfect toy rendering of the effect from the movie.

In addition to their Packs, the figures in this set also include a Ghost Trap, another welcome accessory which clips together in a few easy steps. Some easy-to-apply decals finish the piece off, increasing the gear these Busters may need for their next job.  Rounding out the set is a pair of soft, gooey Ecto Slime splats, which are a fun addition.  These bright green bits of goo are sticky to the touch, and can be applied to any flat surface… including the Ecto-1 itself.  This offers a fun way to customize your vehicle in a manner that is still totally in line with the Ghostbusters universe, and it’s a fun sort-of action feature to roll into what is already and undeniably fun playset.

The Ecto-1 is joined by a variety of other Playmobil Ghostbusters sets, which between them feature the entire Ghostbusters team, some of their more infamous ghostly adversaries, and even the Firehouse… which includes a car port designed to fit this very vehicle inside.  We’ve seen a number of Ghostbusters toys over the years, but I am hard pressed to think of one more fun and instantly playable than what Playmobil has done here.  This marks the first time I’ve opened a Playmobil product since I was a kid, and I was instantly met with both nostalgia for these toys I loved so much in my younger years… and an undeniable sensation of being impressed by how far this company’s products have advanced in the years I’ve been away.

You can find the Ghostbusters Playmobil collection at most major retailers now, just in time for National Ghostbusters Day.  No matter how young or old you are, if you love Ghostbusters, trust me when I say… you’ll want to check these toys out.

Thanks to Playmobil for giving us the opportunity to review this awesome Ecto-1 playset! Check back soon as we shine the spotlight on more Playmobil Ghostbusters toys!

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