Point Break Trailer- Underwhelming at Best

By kastor417 - May 28, 2015

Point-Break-2015In the early 90’s Point Break mixed surfers and bank robbing, creating one of the best films of the time. Now rebooting, it looks like all the magic of the first if gone.

Why? Why? Why? This is one film that did not need to be redone, again. The first trailer from the reboot hit the net yesterday, and left many scratching their heads and asking why.

After watching it all that comes to mind is Paul Walker and Vin Deisel. Fast and Furious did this whole agent getting to close to the bad guy better, and six sequels later still going strong. So why did need another version?

Surfing is gone, Utah seems to already be in the extreme field with the guys, and who is his partner because I can’t tell from the trailer. All the little things that made the original fun, is missing, at least from the trailer. Making the same film over using the same names just leads everyone to make the comparison. At least when Fast and Furious did it they changed it enough so the comparisons where not on every level.

So what do you think will this movie be forgotten? Or will it spawn a new franchise?

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