Pop Fizz Joins the Mega Bloks Skylanders

By kastor417 - September 5, 2013

Mega Bloks Skylanders Kastor's KornerThe Skylanders Giants line from Mega Bloks continue to deliver great characters and action packed sets. The Arkeyan Robot King set will give collectors and kids to build a great toy with plenty of action.

Mega Bloks Skylanders Kastor's Korner01The Swap Force Skylanders are just around the corner, that does not mean the Giants are finished. One of the newest sets from Mega Bloks is the Arkeyan Robot King. The set comes in at almost 300 pieces, including a transforming figure and 2 chompies.

This is the first time Pop Fizz is part of the Mega Bloks line, and he comes with his own little beaker which helps him transform into a much more menacing version of himself.

The main build of the set if the Robot King. The color scheme of the robot is stunning, and might make even Iron Man jealous. The King’s head can rotate with room for Pop Fizz in the crown, the robot can be positioned in multiple action poses, and the right arm has a launching fist to fight off any enemies. Building this figure is not difficult, just have to watch out for the colors and shapes of the smaller gold parts to make sure you use the correct pieces. The joints are nice and tight rivaling some action figures in this scale.

Overall this is one of the sturdiest builds out today, and has a color scheme that really pops out in a display.

Thanks to Mega Bloks for the set to review

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