See The First Poster For Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar

By bill - May 7, 2014

interstellar-featChristopher Nolan’s new film gets a very nice one sheet.

Interstellar is up there on my list of must-see movies in 2014, so I was totally pleased to come across the first poster for the movie.  The trailer dropped a few months ago, and featured something we’ve never really seen from gloomy gus Nolan– a sense of optimism, which I really really hope carries over into the larger themes and story of the movie itself.

The new poster shares that positive vibe… there’s something hopeful about the vertical title assuming the position of a rocket launch, with a small family silhouetted in front of it in a very, very Amblin wonder kind of way.  I don’t know about the more typical, dour tag line, but it doesn’t shake my faith that this movie will show a very different side of the steely, distant director.

If nothing else, Interstellar is sure to piss off all those climate change deniers, so even if the movie is terrible, the knowledge that it likely ruined their day gives it some intrinsic value.  We’ll see how much they bitch and moan when Interstellar hits theaters this November.


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