Lord Power Rematerializes in the Power Lords Collection

By bill - May 22, 2014

power-lords-lord-power-featOne of the strangest– and coolest– super heroes of the 80s returns in the Four Horsemen’s new Power lords collection.

Now we’re getting to the main event– Lord Power, the Power Lord!  While his name and title may be a bit redundant, Lord Power, the supernatural alter ego of Adam Power, was one of those characters etched into my mind as a kid, and it’s amazing to have him as a fully realized action figure for the first time ever.

The original Lord Power only existed as an upper body sculpted on the back half of the Adam Power toy, but the Four Horsemen have wisely released a separate, unique figure for this heroic energy creature.  The sculpt is wonderful, conveying the Power Lord’s humanoid, but not quite human, appearance.  From his tousled hair to the deep red veins etched into his blue skin, this figure captures an inherent sense of energy that makes him totally fun to play with.

Lord Power’s anatomy is subtly alien, thanks to the weird musculature and those awesomely creepy veins, and the result is a figure that looks just as trippy and otherworldly as he should.  Still, he maintains enough facial resemblance to Adam to ensure this is still, essentially, the same guy– in that respect, Lord Power is a totally thoughtful, perfect sculpt.

Power Lords Lord Power001

Adding to the dynamite sculpt is a wonderful paint job, which is both intricate and bold in its color pallet.  The blue skin, dark red highlights and orange pants was always such a memorable design choice on the vintage figure, and the Horsemen’s new take totally nails that same iconic colorway.

The Glyos system works very well for this guy, allowing his pieces to be interchanged with Adam or any of the Power Soldiers with ease.  This means you can easily customize your own partially-powered Adam, or any blue skinned Power Soldier of your liking.  Adding to the customizable appeal of this figure is the alternate head, an orange and blue Elite Soldier helmet which fits both Lord Power and any other humanoid Power Lords figure.  This opens up the option to change up your orange suited Soldier army, or at least give Adam a choice in regard to headgear.

Lord Power is rounded out by the same ion blaster rifle and power staff as his alter ego, and both accessories work well for him.  Personally, I dig the look of the power staff with this guy the most, but honestly, it’s hard not to make this figure look cool.

Lord Power was one of my favorite toys as a kid.  Even though something about his alien nature kind of wigged me out, he always earned a spot in my A-list of hero toys.  Obviously the Four Horsemen love the character as much as I do, because their new version absolutely does justice to this weird and wondrous Wayne Barlowe design.

Thanks to the Four Horsemen for giving us the chance to get an early look at this great figure!  The Power Lords Series One will be available for preorder starting this Friday May 23rd at 3pm at Store HorsemenClick Here to order yours this Friday!

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