Power Lords: Soldier Building A World That Doesn’t Exist Yet

By bill - April 14, 2014

power-lords-new-featThe latest Power Lords troop builders from the Four Horsemen offer cool new colors, and another tease of the line yet to really launch.

The Four Horsemen recently released another four army builder variants in their Power Lords lineup, red and blue “Ophidian Squad” Power Soldiers and green and black Ggrapptikk soldiers, a Grunt and a Sergeant.  All four are really good figures, and add a nice variety to the slowly-building Power Lords collection, but like every one of these pre-release variants, they left me wanting the standard edition, classic color versions of these characters more than ever.

For what they are (even as a tease for the glacially paced proper toy line), these figures are still pretty cool.  Using the Glyos system like all modern Power Lords, many of the figures’ parts are interchangeable, allowing for very simple customization.  Each also includes accessories– the same rifle and staff we’ve seen come packed with each Power Soldier, while the Ggrapptikks wield the long staffed clubs like the NYCC pink and purple editions.

Power Lords variants011The red and blue Power Soldiers give off a nice super hero vibe, and they compliment one another in their factory forms, while mixing up for some visually dynamic red-blue combos.  The silver visors are a nice change from the previous black and red decos we saw previously, as well.

The new military themes Ggrapptikks also look good, with their colors complimenting the Toypocalypse exclusive Barlowe edition Ggripptogg perfectly.  While this set of figures is mostly recast from previous tools, the Ggrapptikk Sergeant does sport an all new head, and the painted detailing on his face armor goes a long way in making this figure look unique.  Combined with the blue highlights on his mace and chest armor, he’s a striking figure, while the new soldier should synch up well with the soon to be release Disgysor, with their similar green, scaly skin.

At only $10 each for the Power Soldiers and less than $15 each for the Ggrapptikks, these figures are a bargain.  They come polybagged and individually numbered, as they are all limited editions with only a single run.  I’m glad it appears these are the last of the preview figures being offered, because as cool as they are, they really do still leave me craving these awesome and outlandish characters in their vintage colors.

The new Power Lords figures are in stock now at Store Horsemen.  Click Here to order yours today.

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