Go Go Power Rangers Beast Morphers

By kastor417 - April 30, 2019

The first figures that have hit retail from the new Power Rangers Beast Morphers line from Hasbro have hit retail. They are colorful and pretty fun, even for someone outside the Power Rangers demo.

Just from looking at these figures I could tell I was not the target for this line. They are broken down into basic figures, Zords, Micro-Morphers, role-play with Nerf and after opening them I can honestly say they are fun and durable. The basic line is full of the Power Rangers and the villains, both are colorful and come with a lot of accessories, which can also be part of the role-play line. What is great about the basics is the durability, I put them through a lot of movement and none of the joints were too stressed. Compared to other figures from other lines they have an incredible range of motion. They come with their swords and blasters as well as the Morph-X Key. The Key can be inserted into the Beast Morpher role-play wearable to give kids different sound and phrases. The Morpher is one of the most fun items in the box, a little small for me, and has lights and sounds and is motion activated.

The Beast Racer Zord is much larger than the figures,¬† but has less articulation and sculpted details. They are not on the same level as the smaller figures but still fun to mix into the action. The Micro Morphers are everything they have to be to nurture that need for desk toys that all us adults have. They are small but pack a lot of personality. Add to that the Zords and you have little playsets to set up and create your own action scene. These remind me of the smaller metal sets of Star Wars from the 80’s and sure to be a memorable part of those young Power Rangers childhoods. The Cheetah Beast Blaster is one of the most fun Nerf blasters I own. It does not have the power of the Rival line, but the cool transformation makes up for it. It does not have any rails or attachment points, but it can store two extra darts so you’re not caught without any ammo.

Looking at the Beast Morphers line as a whole there is a little something for everyone. I think us adult collectors are so focused on the adult lines we come down too harsh on the kids lines. This line is everything  kids need to fall in love with the characters and the toys, building lasting memories and making life long fans.  If this is the future of the Power Rangers than the fans are in great hands with Hasbro!

Thanks to Hasbro for these toys for review!

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