Primitive Optimus Prime: When Autobots Get Dope

By bill - March 5, 2018

Transformers X Primitive = one of the year’s coolest Transformers.

2017 saw a number of Transformers exclusives from Hasbro, but the highlight was without a doubt Primitive Optimus Prime. This non-canonical take on the Autobot leader was a mashup between Hasbro and Primitive, the skateboard company founded by legendary skater Paul Rodriguez. In keeping with this partnership, this Optimus features a unique aesthetic designed by Rodriguez himself  and a unique black and gold deco, that leaves him completely distinct among his fellow Optimus figures.

Primitive Optimus is a Leader Class figure, so he stands about 9″ tall in robot mode. He sports a wide variety of accessories, including several guns, a tractor trailer which transforms into a battle station, and a convertible skating ramp… possibly the coolest accessory in Transformers history. And while Optimus himself is too big to face the ramp, he also features the Titan Master “Shreddicus Maximus,” who is scaled to the ramp included with the figure.

This figure is one of the most creative and refreshingly strange releases I’ve seen in the history of convention exclusives… and Primitive Optimus makes for a fun and cool looking Transformer, on top of that.  I genuinely hope to see more of this sort of high art/ underground sport/ exclusive toy concept in the future.

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