Sorry Your Princess is in Another Toy Line

By kastor417 - December 22, 2015

Nintendo Kastors KornerThe World of Nintendo line did something SH Figuarts hasn’t done yet, get figures out fast. The newest wave has not only Princess Peach, but also Star Fox. The Figuarts line is no doubt the best Mario line to date, the articulation, accessories, and extra parts make it near perfect. The problem is the long wait times between characters, making the line both amazing and frustrating.

The Wold of Nintendo mass market line though is able to get multiple characters out faster, to more retailers, but the figures are completely stripped down. In the newest wave has a Fire Mario and pink Yoshi, which are nice but the real gems are Star Fox and Peach. Fox has the most articulation of any of seen in this line, including his tail, but he only comes with a mini version of his ship. Peach is only articulated above the waist and and comes with an umbrella she can’t hold. So the question is why did I buy them?

As a collectors we can’t wait, we always want the next thing and never happy with what we just found. The idea of waiting a year or two for Figuarts to make a Peach is too long, so I got a stand in for now. Fox is good enough, and I did not like the game enough to wait for a better one to come along. Peach on the other hand is too important to the Mario to take a chance and wait for a better version to come along. This line’s scale fits  perfectly with the Figuarts line. A lot of times the retail lines don’t look good next to the collectors lines, but not in this case, they fit in seamlessly and as a display it works. There is one down side to the retail line, they are scarce. Right now Toys R Us is the only store to consistently carrying the line, Target and Walmart did a few waves back, but now TRU is the only choice besides specialty shops. Grab her while you can, you may never see her again and eBay prices are sure to go up the longer Figuarts puts off making her.

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