Psylocke Returns To Kotobukiya’s Bishoujo Collection

By bill - January 21, 2014

psylocke-bishoujoThe mutant ninja Psylocke is the latest outstanding addition to the Marvel Bishoujo Collection from Kotobukiya.

This isn’t the first time we have seen Psylocke in Kotobukiya’s Bishoujo collection, but the new statue is a vast improvement on the original, and one of the best we have seen in this excellent series.  Featuring the psyonic ninja in her black X-Force uniform, Psylocke is a stunning piece, and a must-have for any X-Men or Bishoujo fan.

The statue features the stealthy hero in a very dynamic pose, crouched down as if she just landed, with her sword drawn high above her head.  There is a fantastic sense of motion and energy in this sculpt, from Psylocke’s flowing hair and the billowing ties on her belt.  Combined with the fluid pose of her arms and legs, this is without a doubt one of the most graceful figures we have seen in Kotobukiya’s already very strong collection.

Psylocke Bishoujo 17

Based on an illustration by master artist Shunya Yamashita, the new Psylocke statue offers not only a visually dynamic design, but one that is perfect for the character.  For some bishoujo or other pin-up type designs, there can be a tendency to over sexualize the subject, but Kotobukiya’s pieces focus much more on staying dedicated to the character being portrayed.  Here, Betsy Braddock’s “pretty girl” face is depicted with a determination and focus befitting her martial arts background, and every detail of the figure, from the folds of her boots to the strands of hair on her head, are rendered perfectly.

Like all of the Kotobukiya Bishoujo statues, Psylocke is an entirely new sculpt, and it’s wonderful work from sculptor Busujimax.  Each of the Bishoujo’s figures is uniquely proprtioned for the character, and this trend continues here with Betsy’s athletic build and the dramatic flexibility in her crouched legs.  The muscle work sculpted on her shoulders is stunningly life-like, both anatomically correct and still highly feminine, and a very well executed wash on Psylocke’s skin highlights the musculature and curves of her form.

Psylocke Bishoujo 45

My favorite Bisjoujo are the ones featuring a details base, and Psylocke gets a great one, featuring mossy stones and a small rock sculpture.  The Japanese design of the base plays into the character’s history and also ties in to her anime style face, making for a very complete adaptation of the Marvel hero into a Japanese style.

We didn’t see many Marvel Bishoujo releases in the past year, but each one we got was a wonderful addition.  Psylocke is one of the best yet, and with her available now and Spider Woman to follow in the first half of the year, 2014 is an exciting time to be a Bishoujo collector!

Psylocke is in stock now at Kotobukiya’s web store.  Click Here to order yours today!

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