Q-Fig Wonder Woman: Adorable and Heroic

By bill - March 10, 2016

Q-Fig-Wonder-Woman-featThe Amazonian Princess is a perfect addition to Quantum Mechanix’s Q-Fig collection.

Q-Figs are fast becoming one of my favorite formats for super-cute superheroes, and the recently released Wonder Woman is the perfect example why.  The 3″ chibi-style figure was designed by Mohammad “Hawk” Haque, who starts from Diana’s Bruce Timm/ Justice League design, and springs into an even more stylized animated aesthetic.

Our Amazonian hero is depicted in mid-stride, as she runs while happily playing with a toy version of her invisible jet.  It’s a great choice that keeps with the fun and lighthearted feel of the Q-Fig line, and the chibi format offers her a youthful vibe that enhances that sense of playfulness.  With each new release, the QMx team’s sense of humor comes out more and more in their sculpts, and Diana is one of the best yet.

Not only is the Wonder Woman Q-Fig adorable and clever, it’s also very well made.  The Q-Figs are PVC figurines with no articulation, but this means the dynamic poses of the sculpts are not interrupted by articulation cuts.  It works well, especially considering how thoughtful QMx has become at finding an unexpected, yet somehow still perfectly character-accurate pose for each figure.

The paint work is great, very concise and clean, and the use of bright, primary colors (often with a semi-matte finish) helps to convey the animated appearance of the piece.  There’s a richness to the colors of Diana’s iconic costume, the metallic sheen of her gold armor, and even the way her pale blue eyes pop against her tanned skin.

Each DC Q-Fig also includes a word balloon accessory, which attaches to the base with a clear plastic stand.  This is a really fun feature– the balloon includes a pre-printed line of dialogue, but underneath this sticker it’s a plain white panel, onto which you can write any dialogue you want with the included dry erase pen.  It’s a really fun and cool way to customize your figure… or even just alleviate boredom at the office while you ignore the conference call you have to be on.

The Wonder Woman Q-Fig is available now, and she’s a great addition to the collection for any fan of DC’s premiere female super hero.  You can find Wonder Woman, as well as more DC Q-Figs, at specialty retailers now, and also via QMxonline.com.

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