Get a Quick Glimpse of Jurassic World

By bill - November 25, 2014

jurassic-world-featBubble cars!  Chris Pratt!  CGI gates!  This teaser has it all (even dinosaurs).

The first trailer for Jurassic World will make its debut this weekend, but we’re getting a teaser for the trailer, because that’s still a thing, apparently.

I’d complain more, but in all honesty, the incredibly brief teaser is pretty cool, for what it is.  Amidst the quick cuts that make up this clip, we see our leads, an awesome looking bubble car thing, and a number of quick visual callbacks to the original film, including herds of dinosaurs running across a field and an ominous set of gates opening into the park itself.

I like it, for what it is… although I tend to agree with Devin Faraci from Badass Digest’s criticism that the gates, once practical in Steven Spielberg’s original, probably don’t have to be (or even should be) CGI effects here.  I’m hopeful the movie itself will still manage to balance computer and practical effects like Jurassic Park did… but I guess we’ll have a better sense of that when the full trailer hits in a few days.


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