Ram Man Finally Makes His Way To MOTUC (And Doesn’t Disappoint)

By junior - February 28, 2013

Ram-manKastors-Korner-04-87The final core character from Masters of the Universe finally smashes his way into the Classics line… and Ram Man was well worth the wait.

February was an exciting month for Masters of the Universe Classics– we had a castle, a Filmation subscription, and excellent new reveals in Castaspella and Mantenna. Capitalizing on this excitement, Ram Man, the final A-tier Master, has arrived to pepper my display in amazing new ways. While he is an impressive new addition, the Four Horsemen provide design choices that can sometimes be questionable. However, these cosmetic decisions in no way mar this fantastic addition. If only DCIE Lead had this level of attention.

Ram manKastors Korner 02Ram Man was put off for some time, since he required a 100% new tool. This figure I think will please the folks who wanted a large figure. He is not a towering 200x-style behemoth, nor is he a squat character, harking back to the Filmation series and toy. This guy looks like his specialty: a human battering ram. He is barely taller than his compatriots, but blocky and thick. Standing stronger than He-Man is no small feat, but he does it so naturally. There is so much detail on Ram Man that Princess of Power and New Adventures would give anything to have some of the same love– each stud is individually painted, his boot treads have the same skull as his belt, his weapon is unique and clips on his back, and there’s some amazing knee articulation that could have easily been a disaster… I can’t believe how well everything came out!
Ram manKastors Korner 00Stylistically, though, a few changes would have propelled him from excellent to instant figure of the year candidate. It’s all subjective, but personally, I feel open eyes would have been preferred to his squint.  The look follows the cardback Chester Gould Dick Tracy eyes, and they do look cool, like he’s bracing for impact, but open eyes would have felt more universal. Secondly, I would have liked  a gripped hand versus the hole through the closed fist. It’s a neat vintage nod, but this severely limits what he can do or hold. The nature of his unique design creates inevitable posing limitations, both then, and unfortunately, now. The alternate head is an adequate 200x-inspired one, but it’s the first time I didn’t feel it was strong enough to warrant a second purchase. I think I would have preferred alternate spiked armor and matching helmet to give him almost an instant variant and up his accessory count.
Ram Man looks incredible, rounding out the Masters A-list front line at long last. He gives me so much hope for the future of this line– this figure had such care put into every detail, and with many of them complete, I can hardly wait too see how they tackle Extendar, the Rock Warriors, and other Masters needing unique tooling. This is exactly the type of toy we want– an update that has the perfect amount of detail while keeping the visual aesthetic and essence of the character. With his fast sell-out, hopefully a redeco in orange and red card back colors can’t be far behind.

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