Is Rambo Coming To The Small Screen?

By bill - August 26, 2013

rambo-featThe latest word is Rambo will make his return… on a TV series.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news last week that the next time we see John Rambo, may be on a new TV series that’s currently in the works.  What’s interesting is, Sylvester Stallone is in talks to join on a “creative level,” and also possibly to reprise his role as Rambo.

Stallone has had a number of different ideas for the franchise, including a truly ridiculous/ potentially awesome concept for Rambo V in which he essentially fights the Predator.  There’s probably enough material in all the ideas Stallone has worked since then to fill a season of TV, so why not, I guess?

I do think the likelihood of this show coming to be are largely based on how involved Stallone is willing to get.  If he signs on as the hero, everyone will at the very least tune in for the pilot.  If we end up with a younger (less famous) Rambo, I’m not so sure… Shows like Hannibal have proven that retreading a familiar story in a new format can lead to amazing results, but I’m not sure what appeal Rambo would hold without Stallone under the headband.

What do you think? Would you watch Rambo: The TV Series?

Source: THR

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