Razcal Glides in from Chima

By kastor417 - January 11, 2013

The newest theme from Lego is just hiting retail shelves, the Legend of Chima. What makes this theme special is the new mini figures, they are original and could be a must have certain 80’s fans.

The first set we found was Razcal’s Glider. Over night these sets have popped up at Walmart and Target stores across the country. The small set has one build and and one minifigure. Razcal is from the evil eagle faction of Chima and his glider is a force to be reckoned with in the sky.

The build is rather simple but has a good amount of parts that make it stand out in a Lego display. This theme could replace Ninjgo in the next few years, but the colors and parts differentiate this theme. It was surprising to see that this set came with two instruction booklets, but after looking through it is due to the extensive advertising of the Chima theme in the center of each book. Hopefully this extra printing did not contribute to the slight price increase in this new theme. For the number of parts this set should have been somewhere under 10, but it was found at both retailers with an $11.99 price tag.

The minfigure came with a good amount of detailing painted on the figure as well as armor and wings. The minfigure head is also painted and over it fits a bird head mimicking the eagle face printed the head underneath.

The detailing on this set and the new style of minifigure is a fun addition to the Lego universe. After getting a few of the sets I wonder had Thundercats not been canceled would this theme be labeled the Legends of Thundera?


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