The ReAction Tomorrowland Collection Is Retro-Cool

By bill - June 22, 2015

tomorrowland-reaction-featDisney’s summer flop feels like the perfect fit for Funko and Super7’s ReAction collection.

I’ll readily admit that Tomorrowland wasn’t a particularly good movie, but I did dig the retro-futuristic tone set by this city of pure innovation.  There was some weird/ interesting themes in the movie about the confluence of nostalgia and forward thinking, which makes the ReAction retro toy aesthetic the perfect format for Tomorrowland’s toy line.

A year and a half in, I think the novelty of the ReAction brand has worn off.  Yes, Funko has landed an impressive portfolio of properties, but while the best ReAction releases have truly captured the 80s Kenner style, many others have felt simple for the sake of laziness, as opposed to going for a certain style.  The Tomorrowland figures are particularly good, though, and definitely hold onto the old school Kenner look and feel.

The lineup of characters for this series is good… we get our hero Casey Newton, Frank Walker (George Clooney’s character), Frank as a kid from the beginning of the movie, Athena, David Nix, and robotic henchman Dave Clark.  I picked up the preview edition young Frank at New York Comic Con last fall, and David Clark didn’t do much for me, so I opted to pick up the remaining four figures.

Overall, each figure is pretty cool.  Like all ReAction toys, they feature five points of articulation, and all sport solid sculpts that ring true to the Kenner aesthetic.  The portraits are soft but recognizable– Clooney and Hugh Laurie’s figures in particular are easy to identify– and each portrait definitely feels in line with what Kenner was doing thirty years ago.

The rest of the sculpting does an equally decent job of capturing the right look, with quite a bit of sculpted detailing that never gets TOO detailed… the soft cross pattern on Frank’s shirt, or the line work on Athena’s dress are prime examples of the sort of subtle stabs at texture we’d see from Kenner in their post-Empire Strikes Back toys.

Of the four, I think I like Nix the best, though his costume is most definitely the coolest, so that could be why.  My only gripe with him– and all the figures in this line– is the paint work.  Unlike many action figures from the 80s, the ReAction toys have been opting for a matte finish on many of their colors, which distances them from their vintage counterparts.  There is a softness to the pallet used here which simply does not call back to either the source material or the retro design, making these guys seem more like trinkets or customs than legit retro action figures.

Aside from the weird matte finish, there really isn’t much to complain about with these figures.  They look good, with some of the best and most on-point sculpting we’ve seen in the ReAction collection, and thematically Tomorrowland certainly feels like the smart choice for this style.  The Tomorrowland ReAction figures are in stock now at Mike’s Comic ‘N Stuff. Click Here to add them to your collection today.

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