Reading Rainbow: The Next Generation

By kastor417 - June 4, 2014

LeVar Burton is bringing back one of the best shows for kids through Kickstarter. Reading Rainbow is coming back for a whole new generation of kids!

There has been a lot of criticism for celebrities using¬†Kickstarter, but in this case it is a worthwhile cause. LeVar Burton host of Reading Rainbow from the early 80’s to 2009 has helped inspire reading and learning outside the classroom. The show helped turn millions of kids, some who like me did not like to read, into life long readers. The show was fun taking kids on virtual field trips and giving them story time.

I can remember watching the show in the 80’s and wanting to be one of the kids at the end of the show, talking about a book they read. Burton made reading fun and exciting, something that I never found on kids shows. He also had an impact on me as a teacher, shaping the way I deliver lessons in the classroom today.

Even though the project was funded in under 24 hours it is still going, trying to reach new goals. Head over to Kickstarter today to give to the project. Oh and make sure you stay for the last few seconds of the video, it is worth it!


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