Real Heroes Have Curves: Power Girl Bishoujo Review

By bill - December 10, 2012

Power Girl strikes a strong, fun pose as she enters the DC Bishoujo Collection, and instantly stakes her claim as the best piece in Kotobukiya’s fantastic series.

If there was only one super hero who could be included in Kotobukiya’s excellent Bishoujo collection, it would have to be Power Girl.  The sexy cousin of Superman has long been the subject of fan art and pin ups good and bad, and it’s not just objectification– PeeGee is a classic team player, she features one of the last truly iconic super hero costumes, and she’s one of the strongest beings in the DCU.

Kotobukiya’s Bishoujo statue– designed by Shunya Yamashita and sculpted by Tsukada Takashi– shows that both artists share that appreciation and reverence for the Earth Two Kryptonian, and the result is my favorite DC statue ever.  Like all the Bishoujo sculpts, Power Girl strikes a unique pose– one that perfectly illustrates her strength as she flexes her bicep with her defined shoulders and hips in a classic contrapposto pose.  From the flirty tilt of her side-turned head to her lovely outstretched legs, everything about this Bishoujo captures Power Girl’s adventurous, cute and– well, powerful– personality.

The sculpting seen in Koto’s Bishoujo line has been developing dramatically, and Power Girl is no exception.  There is so much attention to detail in regards to her costume– through the use of sculpted piping, realistically placed wrinkles in the fabric, and a great paint finish that suggests a semi-leather look of the outfit against her soft matte skin– and the result is one of the most realistic takes I have ever seen on a classic super hero costume.

The other aspect of the Power Girl Bishoujo that really leaves an impression is her figure.  My favorite thing about Kotobukiya’s Bishoujo is their commitment to making unique, character-appropriate body types for each lady they release.  Catwoman and Harley Quinn are lithe and slender, Wonder Woman tall and more muscular, while Marvel’s Storm is more voluptuous… likewise Power Girl gets a very accurate new body type, both curvaceous and muscular, yet still distinctly feminine.  It’s often difficult to balance muscularity and femininity in super hero art, but this take on Power Girl nails it– yes, PeeGee is the most voluptuous and full-figured Bishoujo we’ve seen so far, but she is also the most clearly-defined– there’s some brilliantly subtle muscle work sculpted into her legs, while her shoulders and biceps are wonderfully defined, adding up to a sculpt that masterfully portrays the heroine’s strength and beauty.

Power Girl features another killer Bishoujo/ “Pretty Girl” portrait, which fits in perfectly with her confident, flirty pose, and every strand of her tousled hair adds a great sense of depth and volume to the sculpt, as does the wind-blow cape draped off her shoulder.  PeeGee includes a fairly simple base, circular with a steel floor pattern and a nice, metallic finish, which also includes her name in logo font on the front.  It’s a decent base to highlight an incredible figure, although I do admit I wish we’d see some more unique and creative display bases on future Bishoujo.  Huntress is moving in the right direction, with the gargoyle she rests her foot on, but I kind of miss the awesome, fully sculpted bases like the Batman gargoyle with Catwoman and the cloudy perch for Supergirl.

The DC Bishoujo Collection from Kotobukiya has always been a great forum for a unique take on some of the comic universe’s most iconic heroines, and Power Girl is the company’s greatest achievement yet.  With an incredible sculpt, packed with painstaking costume detail, a fun Bishoujo face and an excellent gloss to matte paint finish, the technical work on Power Girl would be enough to make her worthy of purchase.  But considering how well Shunya Yamashita and Tsukada Takashi handled the tightrope walk of her execution– combining defined muscles AND feminine curves into one powerful, confident and sexy sculpt– and stayed completely faithful to her character, the Power Girl Bishoujo’s quality should catapult her beyond just fans of this long-running collection. She is a must-have for any Bishoujo fan, certainly, but she’s so great, she’s also a must-own piece for ANY DC Comics fan.

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