Revoltech Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are TOTALLY AWESOME!!

By jayq - January 28, 2015

TMNT-RevoltechI know Bill did a brief preview on these, but now we’ve got the Revoltech Turtles in hand and can give you a better look review!

These Revoltech Turtles have come with mixed reviews because of the joints not cooperating with the poses, giving them a non natural look. I happen to disagree. I find the joints to work very well and they do not take away from the actual figures. The sculpts are all masterfully based on the Nickelodeon TMNT Saturday morning cartoon.

Each Turtle comes with their own weapon (Mikey and Donnie have multiple), alternate super deformed heads, and a sewer cap base. Leonardo comes with a pizza accessory that has removable slices. Donatello comes with a regular Bo staff and the one with the hidden blade. Michelangelo comes with two regular Nunchucks and a special attachment for the spinning effect.

The hidden gem of these figures is the special feature in the main heads– if you move the bandanna knot, the eyes move from side to side… or if you go all the way to the right or left it will white the eyes out completely. The back of the bandanna pops out so it can be put on the super deformed head as well.

I do not have a favorite from this line as I LOVE them all. Each one has its own feel and personality that is true to the character. As a kid I was always impartial to Raphael and the way his attitude is personified in this action figure’s articulation does not disappoint. If I could make ONE change to them I would have added a second spinning effect to Mikey and pack him with the pizza. Also packing Raph with his pet turtle Spike would have been great. Okay, that is more like 3 changes, but still these figures are worth the money spent, based on the countless battle poses you can create with them!

The Revoltech Turtles have become hard to find below $60 each, but every now and then a deal pops up on the secondary markets. Beware of the knock off figures that are popping up from China, as some have fallen victim to the knock off figures that are very hit or miss when it comes to quality. JQ give the Revoltech TMNT 8.4/10.

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