The Riddler Riddle Racer Is Ready For A Rumble

By kastor417 - February 7, 2017

Riddle me this Bat-fans. What is green, black, red, white, yellow, and white? A LEGO Batman Movie set with lots of villain minifigures!

There are some sets that are all about the build and then some that focus on the theme, but this set is all about the minifigures. This set has one build and an impressive five minifigures, three of which are all new to the world of LEGO.

The Riddle Racer is a fairly simple build but looks good next to all the other villain vehicles of the theme. It has a cockpit for one but has two rear missiles. The design is sleek and streamlined, leaving little exposed brick over the whole build. It does feel like a smooth, low to the ground race car. the amount of green in the design also is balanced with some white, yellow and gray, breaking up the colors just enough but not too much so that the green is over powering.

There is no doubt though this set was bought for the minifigures. The Batman is the same again as all the other sets, so there is nothing special about him, not ever his weapons. The Riddler is in his classic suit, but unlike other Riddlers, he as a shaggy haircut under his signature bowler hat. He also comes with his famous cane, which has been shown off in many of movie TV spots. This is the only Ridder in the line in his suit, so he will be one sought after minifigure. The other three are c-list villains who have never seen LEGO form before or any action figure form. The Calendar Man in a calendar cape is stunning in red and white, and it has been pointed out that his cape could be used again to give fans a comic Azreal. Magpie is a female lower body, with shoulder armor and a few sticks of dynamite. She has popped up on the CW, but to the general public is very unknown. Kite-man is the is the final villain of the set, with full backpack wings and a front harness.

This set will stand out the most in the line because of the number of obscure villains included with the build. It is one of the most out there sets to date, and I hope this theme does not stop with the summer wave.


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