RoboCop Takes On The Terminator in NECA’s New Series

By bill - January 7, 2015

robocop-v-terminatorWe’re moving all the way up to 16-bits here, people.

One of the most fun concepts NECA has been working on recently is their video game inspired figures.  I’m not talking about toys from video games, like Bioshock of Devil May Cry… I mean their repainted and reimagined movie figures, which capture the style of the characters as they appeared in famous (or often infamous) old school video games.  The 8-Bit series has seen the release of highly stylized and incredibly fun figures like Jason and Freddy, The Predator, RoboCop and even Batman, but now NECA is branching off in a new direction, with not just a figure but an entire toy line inspired by the early 90s action game RoboCop vs The Terminator.

Not surprising, based on the name, this series features new decos for both RoboCop and several of NECA’s earlier Terminator figures, giving these characters some fun new looks and some awesome new artillery.  There are a total of six figures in the collection– two variants of RoboCop, an Endoskeleton, an Arnold Schwarzenegger T-800 and an Endoskeleton two pack (exclusive to Toys R Us).  I opted for Rocket Launcher RoboCop (definitely the cooler of the two, in my opinion), and all three Endo’s.

Much like their other retro gaming figures, NECA really went all out with these guys, bringing the video game’s stylized color pallets to life.  Each figure features a similar color pattern– a dark base for the plastic with front-facing medium tones and very light highlights to give an abstract interpretation of shiny metal– and it leaves them with a nice, uniform look and feel.  NECA once again found the perfect sweet spot with these paint apps, which are definitely stylized and unrealistic, while still fitting very well on the highly detailed sculpts.

Robocop v Terminator 014The most eye-catching figure in the series is definitely Rocket Launcher RoboCop, who also gets the most unique tooling.  This version of the OCP officer lets NECA dust off their “battle damaged” sculpt, but adds some very cool flame effects to the figure’s arm, shoulder and chest, making it appear is if RoboCop was just on the receiving end of a missile launched by his CyberDyne foes.  The overall effect on the figure is incredibly cool, with a great orange highlight on Murphy’s armor to serve as a reflection of the bright orange flames.  This design alone would be enough to make this a RoboCop worth picking up, but the figure also packs in two all new weapons– a new, game accurate pistol, and the titular rocket launcher, complete with a removable rocket that can be plugged in to the barrel of the gun.  It’s a very cool effect, especially when the figure is posed in profile, replicating the game’s side scrolling aesthetic.

I got into NECA’s Terminator series late, so these are actually the first of their Endoskeletons I have had the opportunity to check out.  I have to say, they’re pretty cool, and much more durable and sturdy than I had anticipated.  The single release figure lives up to his “Heavy Gunner” label, with an all new minigun, ammo belt and backpack, as well as a tripod stand to mount the weapon.  The figure himself is dark purple with grey-blue highlights, a combination that looks good while not straying too far from the actual coloring of the robots in the movies.  I love the new weapon (which makes me so, so hopeful that maybe we WILL see Jesse Ventura’s Blaine join the Predator collection sometime in the future), and the figure itself is really good… While not super-poseable, he’s got enough articulation to strike a number of appropriate poses.

Robocop v Terminator 024Toys R Us’ two-pack is intended as an army builder, offering two more Endo’s each with a standard pulse rifle.  What’s cool about this set, though, is the two unique decos for the robots– one is purple and blue (not far off from the Heavy Gunner), while the other is the more stylized brown and rust color seen in the game.  Both paint apps look great, and really, really remind me of the colors we’d see in Kenner’s Terminator toy line back in the 90s.  Overall, the three Terminators all mesh together very well, despite their varied colors, and it’s nice to see this much talked-about older figure from NECA live up to its reputation.

It’s evident NECA is having fun with their retro gaming figures, and the RoboCop vs Terminator series is no exception.  They’ve refined their stylized paint apps yet again with this set, and since the game’s graphics were a step up above the 8-Bit 80s style, this seems like the perfect time for NECA to “level up” as well.  Even if you’re not into the 90s video game that inspired it, this new series still brings back some long out-of-production toys like the Endoskeleton and Battle Damaged RoboCop, so it’s a great jumping-on point for anyone who missed these great figures during their first release, and at a fraction of the price compared to their secondary market values.  I was on the fence about this series, but I’m glad I jumped on board, because RoboCop vs the Terminator really did make for a fun bunch of toys.

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